How Marketing Content Will Need to Evolve | Featuring Val Swisher | Ep. #17

Val Swisher is the CEO of Content Rules, an industry leader in content strategy company. After 25 years at the helm, she ought to know a thing or two about great content. Val shares why marketing content has to learn from technical content and rise to the occasion to provide more personalized experiences. She illustrates how to get started in this episode.

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Adam Helweh

Adam Helweh

CEO, Secret Sushi

About Marketing in the Raw Podcast Are you ready to expand how you define the practice of marketing and your vision of where it’s headed? Host Adam Helweh, CEO of digital marketing agency Secret Sushi, interviews industry experts and innovators to learn how to be better marketers in a digitally connected world. He’ll also venture off the beaten path, exploring new ways to build customer relationships, emerging technology, and industry trends impacting your marketing’s success.